Candles: a Quick Guide to a Clean Burn

Healthy air is important. So when I was asked is there such thing as harmful candles, my answer was yes. If you venture to go candle shopping you might be stunned at the cost differences between dollar store candle and boutique shops candles and dedicated candle makers. A noticeable price gap. What is going on?

Creating a candle is very easy. Paraffin is often used for inexpensive candle making and also retails at a lower price. Paraffin is a petroleum based product derived from coal or shale. If you ever notice birthday candles carefully, you might catch a momentary glimpse of a black sooty thread of smoke from the wick. Most people do not burn high quality birthday candles, because they will only be lit momentarily. Once you blow them out, you might happen to notice its very rough smell, a smell that we often associate with the completion of a wish. These candles are not healthy for burning for a long time. Its sooty substance is releasing an unclean carbon into the air.

Personally, I love candles and go out of my way to choose bees wax, soy and also (but try not to overdo) on palm oil candles. The difference between these and paraffin is their healthier origins. Burning anything releases some carbons into the air, but if you choose wisely, you can also release essential oils and hypoallergenic substances that better the air. Look for organic materials, cotton wick, sustainable harvest of essences and essential oils. Colorants should not mesmerize you as much as the herbs and oils used. Lavender, roses, whole herbs and beet root powder can be broken down to create an appearance of a candle; it can be quite lovely. Your main sense, however, should be your sense of smell.

A note on palm oil candles. Palm oil candles are great, especially if you have allergies as they are quite hypoallergenic. They naturally release a honey scent to a candle's composition which many find ideal. The only, and rather significant issue, is that palm oil comes from palm plantations that might have contributed towards deforestation. If you see that a palm oil product comes from a sustainable source, you might be doing more good than harm. If you don't see a claim of sustainability, your purchase may contribute to a worldwide problem.

How I use candles. There are many connections to candles and celebration, meditation, and ceremony. In my household, we have a candlelight dinner every evening. My husband uses candles for meditation and relaxation, and we all certainly use candles for celebration and for ceremonies when we lose or gain a loved one. Only during my hospice work would I light a vigil candle a let it burn for three days, and allow it to self extinguish.

Candles have a magnificent presence. If you want to enjoy candles, find well crafted organic products that will harmoniously affect your household air and loved ones. Thank you reading friends. Peace.

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